The Best Ways for Real Estate Advertising

According to the National Association of Realtors, almost 75 percent of the people use the Internet to find their new home. Modern communication technologies offer an optimal way to advertise real estate. But there are slightly more traditional methods that are considered to work well, too. For example, you can do real estate advertising on a local newspaper or on the TV. Your local real estate magazines are another opportunity for attaining workable real estate advertising. If you are a home seller, you need to know all the different types of real estate advertising and use them in a profitable configuration that would attract buyers.

The most common one is online real estate advertising. Billions of dollars for online real estate advertising will continue to shift in the next three years. Fidelity Assets’ Web traffic service promotes the service of campaign management tools, which can branch off traffic from AOL, Google, MSN and Yahoo! on behalf of their clients, so that home sellers can advertise their websites or listings. Thus potential home buyers or sellers can be targeted if they search in their local geographical areas. Another opportunity is to use the Company’s Web Lead Service, which attracts buyers and sellers as they are doing their search in a real estate agent’s area. Traffic is redirected to a special “landing page” which belongs to a particular agent. People can find more information about the real estate they are interested in. Another point is that there is no overlap between the real estate offered by one agent and another. They are different so that people can find the most suitable one.

Another way of real estate advertising is by classified ads in local newspapers. They cost little, and, most of all, they work. Put an ad for 3 or 4 days and you may be astonished at the results. Buyers are looking at those ads. You can advertise there your company and your brand name. But there is a specific order which you should obey when advertising: advertise property first, agent second and company in the third place. If people are recognizing your name, it may go well with everything you sell or offer: prospective clients will stop at a building or a sign that carries your name.

The last thing you should comply with is not to share too much information in your ad, otherwise clients won’t call. Make people curious about the property you are selling. And take note of the right terminology: don’t call a hut a house, and know exactly what style of property you are offering. Otherwise, you risk losing trust with the clients.

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How to Buy Real Estate Advertising Even When Money Is Tight

Trying to boost your real estate sales and profits while saving your resources can be a delicate balancing act. Between maintaining current levels of turn-around, trying to minimize loss, as well as maximizing your profitability, it may seem counter intuitive to begin considering pouring resources into a new strategy. Real estate advertising may look like a gamble when things have stagnated, but great amazing marketing and the knowledge of professional business consultants can be just the boost you need to revitalize your real estate business. Here are some tips on how to buy real estate advertising even when money is tight.

1. Know your marketing needs.

When you are shopping around for the perfect consulting firm to help you with your advertising it is important to know what your needs are. The more specific you can be with the needs of your business, the more fine-tuned the proposals and solutions will be during your consultations. Once you have some great strategic marketing proposals to consider, you can begin looking honestly at your particular needs and assess the potential in each accurately. Knowledge is power, and the power to differentiate from useful information and rubbish will save you money in the end.

2. Go with consultants who have great insight.

Are the marketing proposals you are being pitched boring? Do they seem outdated? Make sure your real estate advertising is targeted to your clients and is innovative, cutting-edge, and overall nothing short of brilliant. You want to be wowed by the insight and expertise of the professionals you are paying to bring your marketing and brand up to date with the current climate of your target clients. In some instances this requires completely fresh perspectives and total overhaul. More often than not, it requires experience and wisdom in executing marketing campaigns with minor tweaks in your overall message.

3. Make sure you brand is fine tuned.

You should be seeing opportunities to tweak every aspect of your advertising from messaging to branding. Your brand is the root of all your business value. Even in real estate, a simple and easy to recognize brand can convey the essence of what it is exactly you are selling them. For example, are you offering a particular style of housing? Luxury, family homes, etc., or are you offering a way of life such as retirement homes or easy living. Having a strong brand adds value and increases your profitability while conveying the deeper meaning and worth of your unique niche. Find professionals who can hone in on your uniqueness and fine tune your brand.

4. Use data and analytics

Advertising can be a very cerebral field of work. Thinking about every nuance of your business needs and trying to market to the perfect client base can become mind numbing without a proper grip on perspective. Using data and analytics to check and assess the level of success of your advertising campaign is a great way to get an accurate feel for what is working and what is not saving you money. End unsuccessful tactics immediately and move onto other ideas by looking objectively at data and analytics provided by your advertising agency.

Hiring the right consulting firm and advertising agency can be the difference between stagnation and revitalizing your business. The next time you are in need of a real estate advertising reboot, make sure to follow these money-saving tips.

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What is the Focus of Your Real Estate Advertising?

In any business advertising is looked at as a key component to generate new business. When someone starts an ad campaign (whether it be TV, Online, or Print) you might hear them say “I have to get the word out”. The striking part about that statement is it doesn’t imply any direct result in sales. This could be because of the definition of “advertising”. Consider the following definition:

Advertising (noun): The activity of attracting public attention to a product or business, as by paid announcements in the print, broadcast, or electronic media.

With this definition of advertising in place, it’s no wonder so many real estate professionals spend money on advertising and get absolutely no business! In the above most simple definition there isn’t any consideration for what that advertising shall do other than to bring “public attention”. In real estate we have very few funds to invest, so every dollar we spend on advertising must result in sales.

I invite you to consider a different definition of Advertising:

Advertising (noun) : The activity of attracting public attention to a product or business, as by paid announcements in the print, broadcast, or electronic media that shall result in leads and closed business.

With this definition in place you can allow yourself to make very different on which forms of advertising you choose for your real estate business. Every form of advertising needs to not just pay for itself, it needs to generate business for you!

Now, let’s look at some common forms of advertising and how you can determine if you should be using it for your business.

1. Magazine Ads – Magazine ads can be very effective. Before placing an ad, ask the advertiser how many calls the average agent receives from an ad. The entire point of launching a magazine ad is to get calls that you can turn into business. You don’t care about the circulation, the readership, etc., just how many calls should you expect!

2. Online Paid Advertising – Online advertising takes many forms. When you are examining pay per click ads take into consideration the following. How many clicks will it take to get a lead? When you know this number then you can quickly calculate what your cost per lead is and determine if you want to start with online advertising.

3. Postcards – Before sending out thousands of postcards take the time to understand what response rate you should expect. Your real estate coach might already be able to tell you what to expect, but if you don’t have a coach, send out just a few hundred post cards and track the number of calls you receive. When you don’t receive any calls, it means your advertising didn’t work, so you may need to change your marketing message, where you are mailing etc., but don’t send that postcard out again if you didn’t see any results!

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